Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Jim Caviezel Makes its way into The Tomb

He'll annoy Sly and Arnie...Since The Tomb is preparing with Mikael Hafstrom pointing, the energy combo/hospital buddy duo of Sylvester Stallone and Arnold Schwarzenegger needed an foe to battle against. Now it appears like they have found a theif in Jim Caviezel.You might recall the movie continues to be via a couple of casting hoops, but has settled with Sly playing Ray Breslin, the earth's top authority on structural security along with a guy who designs prisons as a living. Things have a turn for that difficult when he's presented for any crime and secured within the facilities he assisted make escape-proof. Now he needs to go facing their own design, with the aid of Schwarzenegger's fellow inmate Chapel.Producer Mark Canton continued the Matthew Aaron show for any chat (acquired by JoBlo) and says Caviezel has signed onto take part in the warden from the prison, who'll without doubt make lots of difficulties for our muscular heroes.The Tomb should start shooting this season, ready for any release in 2013. Caviezel continues to be investing the majority of his recent time focusing on US TV drama Person Of Great Interest.

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