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'The Walking Dead' Dissection: Robert Kirkman Talks Death and What's Ahead

There's good news for online retailers this year: Black Friday Internet sales jumped 26 percent, while Cyber Monday spending is projected to reach a record $1.2 billion, according to data released Sunday by market research firm ComScore.our editor recommendsLos Angeles Woman Who Pepper Sprayed Black Friday Shoppers Surrenders to PoliceTV Ratings: CBS Tops Black Friday With Holiday Specials, 'Blue Bloods' PHOTOS: Biggest Hollywood Splurges Black Friday online sales were up from $648 million last year to $816 million this year, with 50 million Americans visiting retail websites that day, marking a 35% increase. The most visited site was Amazon -- with 50 percent more visitors than any other online retailer -- followed by Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and Apple. ComScore also said that retail stores saw big increases too, meaning that the online boost wasn't at the expense of bricks-and-mortar shops. STORY: 5 Misadventures in Black Friday Shopping This year's 26 percent marked a bigger year-over-year improvement than in 2010, which was up 9 percent from the previous year. Meanwhile, ComScore is predicting that Cyber Monday sales could see a $2 million increase over last year's $1 billion, which would set a record for the biggest online spending day of the year. PHOTO GALLERY: View Gallery 14 Thanksgiving Holiday Roadtrip Reads Related Topics

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James Durbin's 'Memories from the Beautiful Disaster': Track-By-Track (Exclusive)

Jin Lee/Bloomberg/Getty Images A federal judge in California has overlooked a category action against Netflix that alleged the web movie store hadstruck an illegal"market allocation" agreement with Walmart. On Tuesday, U.S. District Judge Phyllis Hamilton handed Netflix a victory on summary judgment, finding the litigants couldn't show any collusive agreement.our editor recommendsNetflix Ex-CFO Works well with Venture Firm Associated with Company's Debt DealNetflix's Stock Drops as Company Alerts of Loss for 2012Netflix Stock Drops Below Year Low After Company Sells $200 Million in Bonds Accusations of Illegal Netflix-Walmart Agreement Lead To Both Funds And Coming TrialNetflix Makes Lionsgate U.K. Streaming Deal Official Experts: CW-Hulu Deal Will Further Strengthen Network's Primary Point Here After Recent Netflix Agreement The dismissal cuts short an attempt that was tentatively scheduled for that month of the month of january. The litigants introduced their states federal court this past year, pointing to have an agreement made between Netflix and Walmart four years earlier. PHOTOS: Netflix's 10 Most Leased Movies ever In those days, Blockbuster had just became a member of the DVD online rental market and gossips circulated that Amazon . com . com would soon perform same. Netflix approached Walmart in the purported effort to prevent the perceived Amazon . com . com threat. At first, the talks went nowhere, however Walmart made a decision to exit the DVD rental business. In 2005, the two companies showed up in an offer around the so-referred to as "Promotion Agreement," whereby existing Walmart DVD rental clients might be moved on to Netflix. Amazon . com . com didn't jump to the DVD business, and Blockbuster later flopped, leading eight individuals to guide a category action suit that alleged that antitrust behavior between Netflix and Walmart had introduced to greater prices. The litigants thought that damages might depend on $654 million. However, Judge Hamilton has limited an attempt that was scheduled to featureNetflix CEOReed Hastingsas well as former top media professionals from Amazon . com . com, Walmart and Blockbuster. She ruled the litigants simply couldn't demonstrate that the "Promotion Agreement" was illegal. In line with the decision: "The Promotion Agreement on its face uncovers an agreement by each side to try mix-marketing efforts regarding each other's complementary online DVD rental and customers services, thinking about Walmart's independent decision to exit the DVD rental market. Aside from the agreement particularly acknowledge the 'independent character of Walmart's decision to exit the trade, nevertheless it additionally particularly states that Walmart costs nothing to re-enter in the same market. Under these conditions, legal court cannot agree the agreement on its face reflects a blatant agreement to eliminate Walmart within the online DVD rental market like a type of market allocation." The course litigants cost nothing to appeal your final decision, but meanwhile, they won't leave empty-handed. Walmart made an unbiased decision about this past year to remain instead of trading money on lawyers. Searching back, due to the judge's decision yesterday, Walmart seems to own developed a $27.25 million error. That's the quantity that Walmart decided to spend to have the ability to avoid these types action fight. The retail giant can't even claim they can have saved much in legal costs. Walmart first showed up in a really complicated settlement while using litigants in December 2010that incorporated a pay-out range (between $29 million and $40 million regarding the amount of claims), that incorporated a sub-class of clients who leased Digital video disks online from Blockbuster, together with a provision where Wal-Mart had the legal right to "blow-out" the entire settlement in case your substantial a part of potential class people chosen-in the deal. The judge didn't similar to this deal greatly, and Netflix objected too, leading to seven several days of ongoing revisions before one last settlement was showed up at.Most considerably, the pay-out increased being fixed and Blockbuster class everyone was removed. In September, a judge fortunate the settlement, leading to an e-mail from litigants' lawyers about yesterday to numerous Netflix clients, letting them know in the settlement. Per the agreement,all thosewho leased Digital video disks from Netflix anytime between May 19, 2005 and September 2, 2011 possess the opportunity to assert a little from the $27.25 million pot as gift cards or cash. Initially, Walmart's settlement was belittled by clients who worried they were only getting pennies round the dollar of potential damages. The aggrieved people noted the category action suit lawyers would collect one fourth from the settlement fund, or nearly $7 million, in addition to be returned around $1.7 million in legal costs. Now, that remaining money looks a noticable difference on nothing. E-mail: Twitter: @eriqgardner Netflix

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BBC America Greenlights Cooking Competition Series

BBC America has greenlighted new adventure cooking competition series No Kitchen Required. The 10-episode original series, which will premiere in Spring 2012, sees three chefs — NY restaurateur Michael Psilakis, Chopped Grand Champion chef Madison Cowan and New Zealand chef Kayne Raymond — being dropped into a remote location where each must work with the locals to hunt, forage and collect ingredients to create a locally-inspired meal that will be judged by the community. The series will be hosted by British presenter Shini Somara (BBCs One Show). No Kitchen Required will be produced by Notional, an IAC company, with Kevin Greene and Notionals Chachi Senior and Dave Noll serving as executive producers. It joins BBC America’s slate of original programming, which includes the new comedy panel show Would You Rather…? with Graham Norton, a Wait Wait… Dont Tell Me! special, a series of specials featuring Chris Hardwick as The Nerdist, plus Richard Hammonds Crash Course and scripted drama Copper debuting in 2012.

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Pelosi balks at piracy bill

Pelosi House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) has surprised showbizzers by coming out against anti-piracy legislation aimed at rooting out so-called rogue websites that sell illegal copies of movies, TV shows and music as well as other goods.Pelosi has strong ties to the entertainment industry, as well as to labor groups that have been pushing for passage of the Stop Online Piracy Act and a companion bill in the Senate, the Protect IP Act. She is the highest ranking Democrat to express opposition to the legislation, which is pitting many Hollywood interests against those in Silicon Valley."Leader Pelosi strongly supports protecting intellectual property," spokesman Drew Hamill said in a statement. "The problem of rogue websites duping consumers is a real one and deserves Congress' attention. The Internet, human rights, and cybersecurity communities have raised concerns that SOPA doesn't strike the right balance that protects the needs of copyright holders and Internet users alike. Tens of thousands of jobs in all the affected industries require us to find an effective solution that all stakeholders can support."Earlier on Thursday, in response to a question that Pelosi received on Twitter, she wrote back, "Need to find a better solution than #SOPA #DontBreakTheInternet."Tech firms, including Google, Facebook and Twitter, as well as a number of public interest groups have accelerated their lobbying campaign against the bill, which they say is so broad in scope that it could have unintended consequences. They fear that legitimate sites will be targeted, even though supporters say the bill is aimed at sites dedicated to infringing activities.The legislation has significant bipartisan support, including party leaders of the House and Senate Judicary committees, and supporters have presented the bills as a way to save jobs at a time of a troubled economy. But a critic, Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.), told The Hill on Wednesday that he doesn't think the legislation has "any chance" on the House floor."What they're realizing is there are so many unintended consequences that they can't just use Google as a piata and bash on it here," he said in a break from a House hearing in which a rep from Google was criticized for not doing more to stop online piracy and for placing rogue websites in the top entries of search results.Writer-director J.J. Abrams hosted a fund-raiser for Pelosi on Sept. 27, with Barbra Streisand and James Brolin, Ari Emanuel and Jeffrey Katzenberg among the hosts. Contact Ted Johnson at

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Top Chef's Keith: I Understood Sarah and Lindsay Would Throw Me Beneath the Bus

Keith Rhodes Keith Rhodes increased being the first to bring along his knives and go on top Chef: Texas after he used flour tortillas within the enchilada instead of corn tortillas and, most unforgivably, bought pre-cooked shrimp for teammate Lindsay. The Brand New You are able to-based chef confesses buying was "not the most effective decision," but thinks things could've switched out in different ways had Lindsay and Sarah not thrown him beneath the bus and "saved permitting this to carry on me" by harping in regards to the shrimp at Judges' Table. Why did he buy the shrimp to start with? Continue reading through. Is bigger better? 5 things to learn about Top Chef: TexasWhy perhaps you have buy the pre-cooked shrimp? Could it happen to be a genuine money problem?Keith: Well, one factor that i'm really adamant about worrying thinks pressurized. Initially initially when i first seen people shrimp because situation, all I believed about was the timing problem of cooking the shrimp, peeling the shrimp, coping with others. [Lindsay] had stated [doing] a cocktail, therefore i thought this can be fine. Clearly they weren't appropriate for her. I believed even if they didn't work, us being "top chefs," we'd be capable of overcome that. I'd no inkling they wouldn't work until we have returned which i examined the shrimp. They were all frozen and individuals round the display situation weren't frozen. It absolutely was some a jam there. I don't use pre-cooked shrimp such as this throughout my restaurant, nevertheless it only decided to be something I thought about rapidly being within time constraint. We'd Chris say, "Whatever, get it,In . if you asked for. Did nobody declare that they may be a terrible idea?Keith: Once we were available on the market, there has been multiple conversations. I had been trying to speak [for the group] entirely-meals. It absolutely was almost pandemonium searching to obtain a consensus, so this is why Chris was like, "Choose this. Let's just get what we must get." I am unsure how that got to become recurring thorn because I ended up at Judges' Table for your flour tortilla. Nevertheless the seed saved getting watered with the whole ordeal plus it was ultimately something Sarah and Lindsay required to choose from.They are made to judge your self on the restroom that have been made too, without any one developed a shrimp dish. Keith: Exactly. It absolutely was thrown available becoming an excuse. Again, we're chefs and that we are made to be capable of overcome anything throughout service. You possessed to possess known that pre-cooked food most likely wasn't prone to fly while using idol idol judges though.Keith: Well, Dakota used boxed cake mix. She'd immunity, but that was never an problem. It had been the fact it saved getting repeated. Whether or not this only decided to be stated and left alone, maybe things could have been different. Sarah and Lindsay handled to get involved with an problem if they stood a chance. I am in a position to understand where they're coming initially from from. We could've done another factor together. Like I mentioned, I don't depend in it, nonetheless they sell people shrimp unconditionally. It ended up not the most effective decision.Your team had terrible communication throughout. What went lower there?Keith: Nobody needed a leadership role after they had connection with Mexican food, like what Chuy did for his team. We spent lots of time coming back and forth. There's hardly any positive, creative planning. One factor I mentioned was that we avoid well with numerous B.S. I've been transporting this out for just about any very very long time and the kitchen at home is not filled with drama and negative energy. Being ornamented by negativity, I felt alone. It absolutely was dark. I normally don't think way. I used to be as being a turtle I attracted my thoughts in and anxiously anxiously waited for your coast being apparent. That was possibly the hardest moment while using shrimp deal. Nyesha and Ty-Lor were really the only ones not to make an problem from this. They were like, "You OK there?Inch They understood it absolutely was disturbing me because of the means by which Lindsay was developing a huge deal. Top Chef heads to Texas for Season 9Sarah and Lindsay had understanding about Mexican cuisine. Why didn't either of those step-up or tell you tp utilize corn tortillas?Keith: I am unsure. In my opinion they were more concerned about themselves. To enable them to have which have also to produce no input, I'm speaking about, put the dagger away. I notice immediately. Once Tom [Colicchio] mentioned that at Judges' Table, I merely required to release. Even when I neglected, it absolutely was a lot more restrained it probably must have been. Sarah cut the tortillas personally and not once did she say, "Home is Texas. Maybe you should utilize corn tortillas." Not once! The shrimp wasn't a massive deal, though the flour tortillas, where I'm from, this is the approach we take to eat. ... That was everything I understood. It absolutely was different essentially was controlling a gamble about it. Following a show, venturing out and eating in a variety of places, I saw this tortilla factor was summary because we'd go places and they'd have flour ones and where they'd have corn ones. Some had white-colored cheese, some had yellow cheese. ... Then to own Hugh [Acheson] call my enchilada a burrito was like, "What?" It absolutely was pretty amusing. Could it happen to be as apparent for you personally since it wound up being to us that they're prone to throw you beneath the bus?Keith: Oh, I understood it once we were cooking. Tom came through. Sarah went inside as well as the first factor she mentioned was, "Keith bought some frozen shrimp." I'm like, "How would you plant that seed at this time around?Inch I don't think such as this every single day. We problem-solve. I hold responsibility for everything. I bought the shrimp. I made the enchiladas. I did so a few things i mentioned I'd do. We could've handled to maneuver on within the shrimp. That shown their bad character. It let you know what happens they're like inside. There has been lots of tears and whining and many types of that. I'm like, "You're a professional chef at one of the better, well-known Italian restaurants in Chicago. The two of you have great reputations. How can you play in the emotional-female card at this time around, focusing on how strong everybody are?" These be familiar with respect I have for that ladies there, knowing that they must be tough ladies being executive chefs in this business.In my opinion plenty of fans appreciated your calm attitude with the whole factor. What size an element has getting experienced prison and many types of that you just experienced affected your perspective and attitude?Keith: That happened really in the beginning throughout my existence. I used to be being launched of my teens. It absolutely was a humbling experience. It trained me to value things and consider things. Getting 2 decades to develop that character is what Provided now. I'm always willing and provide people another chance, so to get along with these people, I understood potentially what can happen. I merely believe it is a lot of fun later on and share my story and compete and perform best I am in a position to. I merely hope that the couple of from the other chefs and several ambitious chefs may be inspired with what I introduced for the table. You don't need to be described as a yeller in the kitchen area area, throwing stuff or being a stereotypical chef. In prison wasn't a genuine catalyst inside me obtaining a calm attitude. I lost my immediate family throughout my 20s. That humbled us a great deal. I didn't have money. I didn't have bank cards. When you climb that ladder of success, you're taking these items in stride. I've truly been fortunate, not just with my career, when you're around attitudes - my partner of 20-plus years, the kids. ... The kids are attending school. I have got a great story to discuss.

Debmar-Mercurys Syndicated Strip The Jeremy Kyle Show Restored For Season 2

Debmar-Mercury has removed newcomer The Jeremy Kyle Show in additional than 50% from the U.S. for next season, including around the Fox stations in NY, La, Chicago, Dallas, Washington, D.C., and Houston. The pick-ups through the Fox and Sinclair stations seal hourlong talk show strip’s renewal for any second season. Created by ITV Galleries America, The Jeremy Kyle Show stars daytime United kingdom star Kyle because he attempts to help people facing remarkable challenges.

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'One Man' to Broadway

Richard Bean's U.K. hit "One Man, Two Guvnors" is headed to the Main Stem. The comedy, adapted from Carlo Goldoni's 18th century laffer "The Servant of Two Masters," will open at the Music Box on April 18 under the direction of National Theater honcho Nicholas Hytner. Variety reported in August that producer Bob Boyett was eyeing a Stateside transfer for the play. The show has become a major success for the National, which debuted the 1960s period piece in May. Comedy embarked on a monthlong tour after closing at the National Sept. 19 and began its run at the West End's Adelphi Theater earlier this month. "One Man" will be the first full-length legiter produced Stateside for prolific U.K. playwright Bean; the writer's Brit-centric comedies include "England People Very Nice," "The Mentalists" and "Mr. England" at the National alone. Bean has worked as a standup comic and as both writer and performer on BBC radio sketch show "Control Group Six." Contact Sam Thielman at

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Jim Romenesko Resigns From Poynter

Jim Romenesko resigned from his publish in the Poynter Institute on Thursday after recent questions regarding his utilization of attribution started negatively effecting the lengthy-time blogger.our editor recommendsDo Oscar writers matter? "Poynter has recognized my resignation. Because of all for that incredible support today," he authored on Twitter on Thursday. Romenesko, who was simply blogging for 12 years, lately received fire through the Director of Poynter On the internet and Poynter Guides, Julie Moos, when she authored a publish demeaning Romenesko's attribution practices. "I now realize that Jim Romenesko's posts exhibit a pattern of incomplete attribution," she authored on Thursday. The publish continued to indicate that although Romenesko always cites his sources, he doesn't always put quotes around verbatim language using their company authors. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Twitter Feuds "One danger of the practice would be that the words can happen to fit in with Jim once they actually fit in with another," she added. Following the publish increased, many spoke out for Romenesko, who's frequently considered an innovator in web journalism and news aggregation. Moos released a publish verifying Romenesko's exit on Thursday. "It was not the transition Jim and that i planned throughout our talks this summer time, and it is not the finish I needed,Inch she authored. She added that they'll alter the title of his longtime blog within the future. Romenesko have been planning for a transition into semi-retirement by which he'd stick to staff, but might have a lower role. He'd introduced intends to commit additional time to their own project,, that was looking for a The month of january 2012 launch. Related Subjects

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Academy awards: John Grazer Will Take On Breach And Convey 84th Oscars

The Academy Of Movies & Arts Sciences just madeofficial what Deadline reported first: thatHollywood A-lister John Grazer will make the 84th Oscars with TV veteran Don Mischer.And theres more news about this fast-breaking story: Around the Academy Of Movement Picture Arts & Sciences wished that Eddie Murphy would reconsider his exit as host, associates let me know that Imagine Entertainment co-founder John Grazer has managed to move on this mid-day. We're not returning to him. Not a way, they are saying.Grazer, co-founding father of Imagine Entertainment with Ron Howard,first told Hollywood around 1 PM he devoted to the gig. The Academynow owes John large-time for walking in to the breach left when Brett Ratner left due to the scandal that the directorcreated around themself. Immediately, Grazer started calling out and about searching foran Oscar host and speed-called the very best agencies checking availabilities for large talent.(See HAMMOND: Eddies Exit Throws Academy awards Into Further Chaos Who Should Host Now?) For Grazer to defend myself against the Academy awards demonstrates a dedication towards the movie community thatthe Academy wont soon forget. Grazers title frequently pops up for that Irving G Thalberg Memorial Award, probably the most coveted Oscar recognition for anybody in Hollywood, and also the producer almost received it for that 76th annual Academy awards. So perhaps at some point it ought to be Grazers turn for that Thalberg. Beverly Hillsides, CA Academy Leader Tom Sherak introduced today that Academy Award-champion John Grazer will join Don Mischer like a producer from the 84th Oscars. This is the very first time Grazer has created the Oscar telecast. “Brian Grazer is really a famous filmmaker who in the last two-and-a-half decades has created an assorted and remarkable body of labor,” stated Sherak. “He will definitely bring his tremendous talent, creativeness and associations towards the Academy awards.” “I am thrilled to welcome John Grazer as my partner which we are working together to create a superb show,” echoed Mischer. “Its very satisfying to participate a reveal that honors excellence within the medium to which i've devoted a lot of my career,” stated Grazer. “Don is really a legend, and i'm excited to utilize him.” “I too am delighted that John will join Don in creating the Oscars and i'm searching toward our producers delivering the film event of the season,” said Academy Boss Beginning Hudson. Grazer has gained four Academy Award nominations. He won a Best Picture Oscar in 2001 for “A Beautiful Mind.” Back In 1984, Grazer was nominated within the writing category for “Splash,” and that he received Best Picture nominations in 1995 and 2008 for “Apollo 13″ and “Frost/Nixon,” correspondingly. His other film credits include “Spies Like Us,” “Kindergarten Cop,” “The Nutty Professor,” “Liar Liar,” 𔄠 Mile” and “Cinderella Guy.” His current projects range from the going to be launched “J. Edgar” and also the just launched “Tower Heist.” Oscars for outstanding film accomplishments of 2011 will be provided on Sunday, Feb 26, 2012, in the Kodak Theatre at Hollywood & Highland Center, and public live and eat the ABC Television Network. The Oscar presentation will also be public reside in a lot more than 200 nations worldwide.

Talkback: Who Should Replace Eddie Murphy as Host of the Academy Awards?

In case you haven’t heard, the Oscars have entered a state of crisis — or a state of freedom, if you prefer. Now that Eddie Murphy is out as host of this year’s Academy Awards, let’s vent as quickly as we can and think of the single best option for a replacement emcee. Let’s break our choices into categories. We need to make sure we cover all bases when addressing the importance of introducing the Best Sound Mixing category. Dependable, obvious choices 5. Alec Baldwin 4. Stephen Colbert 3. Jon Stewart 2. Neil Patrick Harris 1. Tina Fey — It’s been years since a woman hosted, so why not invite the woman — the undisputed comic champ of primetime. It’s worth noting that Tina Fey gives the best award-show speeches on the planet. She deserves an entire ceremony in her honor. Old-school charmers 5. Chevy Chase 4. Robin Williams 3. Steve Martin 2. David Letterman (You know you’d watch.) 1. Billy Crystal — The time has come for his reemergence. He was fabulous during last year’s Oscars when the audience wished James Franco would disappear alongside that Bob Hope hologram. We’re in dire need of Comic Relief! Heretofore untapped thespians 5. Joel McHale 4. Tom Hanks 3. Meryl Streep 2. Robert Downey Jr. 1. Sandra Bullock — America’s sweetheart is an award-show dynamo, powering through self-deprecating jokes like a regular Rodney Dangerfield. She and Downey had wonderful chemistry during a podium moment at last year’s Oscars. Nuttier options 5. Mr. Bean 4. Pee Wee Herman 3. Tyler Perry 2. The Muppets 1. Cloris Leachman and Betty White — Leachman has an Oscar and White is an all-around living legend. Let’s let these two feisty octogenarians jive onstage to big band jams! Your turn. Wow me. Follow Louis Virtel on Twitter. Follow Movieline on Twitter.

Euro Disney Posts Greater Fiscal Year Loss Among Possibilities

NY - Euro Disney, the operator in the Disneyland Paris theme park, on Wednesday reported mixed full fiscal year financials as revenue rose, nevertheless the firm's primary point here loss also elevated. The Wally Disney Co. has a 39.78 percent stake within the organization. For your fiscal year ended Sept. 30, the business reported revenue of a single.30 billion pounds, up from 1.28 billion pounds in the last year. But Euro Disney's loss also rose from 45.2 million pounds to 63.9 million pounds among greater costs and expenses and elevated depreciation and amortization. Theme park attendance for your year enhanced from 15. million to 15.6 000 0000, while average trading by guest rose from 45.30 pounds to 46.23 pounds. Euro Disney's hotel occupancy rate and average trading per room also enhanced. "Our resort revenues elevated by 5 %, reflecting rise in both guest trading and resort volumes," mentioned Euro Disney Boss Philippe Gas. "Really, we elevated our attendance in lots of within our key areas, by 600,000 overall to 15.6 000 0000, whilst our summer season season was affected with the weakened European economic atmosphere." He added: "Last year we further devoted to enhancing the overall guest experience, by showing longer park operating several hours, adding new entertainment and improving the feel of our guest facing assets. Although these possibilities increase our costs, they are vital that you maintain our extended-term attractiveness as Europe's # 1 tourist destination." The business layed out that inside the approaching year it'll celebrate its 20th anniversary, from April. Email: Twitter: @georgszalai Related Subjects The Wally Disney Company

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Christian Bale's 'Flowers Of War' Gets U.S. Distribution, Oscar-Qualifying Run

Christian Bale is set to continue his Academy Awards takeover. Last year, the "Dark Knight Rises" star won his first Oscar for his supporting role in "The Fighter," and this year one of his movies will be eligible for a golden statue as well. China has chosen Bale's film "The Flowers of War" as its official selection in the foreign-language category at the Oscars this year. It comes from director Zhang Yimou, best known in the US for directing the 2002 movie "Hero." The film will receive a limited US release starting in late December, after its world premiere in China on December 16. "The Flowers of War" is set against the backdrop of the Nanking Massacre during the second Sino-Japanese War in 1937. Check out the rest of today's film news after the jump! MGM Finds Waldo For New Movie In a world where there are movies being made based on the Rubiks Cube and "Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?," it should come as no surprise that MGM has optioned the rights to make a movie based on "Where's Waldo?" Deadline has the news, reporting that MGM co-CEO Eric Ellenbogen is thrilled that audiences will be able to "find Waldo in movie theaters with his motion picture debut." Assuming this is a strict adaptation of the picture books it's based on, I'm assuming that Waldo will only appear in the final seconds of this film, at which point we can immediately shift focus to the sequel. Bryan Fuller Prepping Hannical Lecter TV Series Primetime television is getting its own resident serial killer. Deadline is reporting that Bryan Fuller's hour-long drama adaptation of Thomas Harris's Hannibal Lecter series has been picked up by NBC in a 13-episode order. The series is said to focus on Lecter's early days, namely when he goes head-to-head with FBI agent Will Graham. Clive Owen To Star In "Recall" Moonstone Entertainment has announced that their action film "Recall" is for sale at the American Film Market. It is going to be directed by Harold Becker and stars Clive Owen as a SA specialist and decorated military hero. The film focuses on a conspiracy that Owen's character slowly uncovers as he is sent on a mission to Kyrgyzstan. Rufus Sewell Heads To "Paradise Lost" Rufus Sewell is just the latest in a long line of actors to be cast in Alex Proyas' adaptation of John Milton's epic poem, "Paradise Lost." has learned that he will play the archangel Sammael in the film. Sewell is joining Bradley Cooper, Benjamin Walker and Casey Affleck in the project. It is slated to hit theaters in 2013. Universal To Make Action-Adventure Film "Leonardo" Meet young Leonardo da Vinci, the action hero you never knew about. Variety is reporting that Universal has picked up a script by Jonny Kurzman that follows da Vinci on a quest to prevent the Dark Ages from reclaiming Renaissance Europe. As his back-up, he'll call upon his fellow Renaissance artists Raphael, Donatello and Michelangelo. Honestly, this sounds to us like another episode of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles." Tell us your thoughts on today's Dailies in the comments section below or on Twitter!

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'Where's Waldo?' Movie: 5 Stars Who Could Take part in the Titular Missing Person

Banking around the tradition of movie ideas which will ruin your childhood (see: Jennifer Lopez's 'Carmen Sandiego' project), individuals at MGM have developed the privileges to 'Where's Waldo?' with eyes on turning the most popular children's books right into a live-action family film. With what might be the cheesiest quote of the season, the Boss of Classic Media -- the organization behind 'Where's Waldo?' -- states that "Waldo is easily the most looked-for character on the planet... With because of MGM, fans everywhere will discover Waldo in cinemas together with his film debut." (Audible sigh.) This little bit of news boosts the apparent-but-necessary question: Who should take part in the titular missing person onscreen? Ahead, five Moviefone-approved suggestions. 1. John Krasinkski: because he's tall. 2. Christopher Mintz-Plasse: due to the glasses. 3. Jim Parsons: because he's tall and nerdy. 4. Jason Schwartzman: glasses. 5. Justin Timberlake: glasses, again. (Timberlake loves individuals wise-guy specs) [via Deadline] Follow Moviefone on Twitter Like Moviefone on Facebook

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REVIEW: Punk-Rock Pops Doc Other F Word Good With Kids, Less So With Ideas

“You might say hey, maybe punk rock was never meant to grow up — but it did, so too bad. We’re in uncharted territory,” Bad Religion’s Brett Gurewitz, also the owner of Epitaph Records, says early in Andrea Blaugrund’s documentary The Other F Word. Billing itself as a “coming of middle age story,” this earnest and intermittently lovable look into the lives of prominent punk rockers who’ve gone on to become responsible fathers doesn’t break as much ground as it seems to hope and believe. Punk’s hardly the first counterculture movement to age into less cutting-edge adulthood, though with its roots in the rejection of conformity, of authority and established structures it may be the one most suited to be left to the young, angry and focused on what they don’t want to be rather than what they do. But how these tattooed veterans of mosh pits and countless tours deal with being authority figures in their own families is a question this film treats with great tenderness if little impact — as one bemused punk pop puts it, “How did we go from rebelling against our own parents to becoming parents ourselves?” Blaugrund pulls together a solid assembly of interviewees for The Other F Word (if ones that stretch past the boundaries of punk) — Gurewitz is joined by Fat Mike from NOFX, Mark Hoppus of Blink-182, Everclear’s Art Alexakis, Lars Frederiksen from Rancid, Flea of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and plenty of others, including skateboarder Tony Hawk and BMXer Rick Thorne to pipe in from outside of the music world. The main arc of the film is built around Jim Lindberg of Pennywise (incidentally the author of a book called Punk Rock Dad: No Rules, Just Real Life) who finds himself exhausted by the endless loop of touring that’s the reality of band life for most these days, a brutal schedule that allows him to support his family but also keeps him away from them for a large part of the year. He’s placed in a situation in which his obligations to his kids come up against those to his bandmates of 20 years, and at the close of the film he makes the difficult decision to quit. It’s as much the shifting ground in the music industry as the burdens of image and ideology that make life difficult for these mohawked fathers, though it’s this aspect The Other F Word handles least well, touching on complaints about downloads and the reasoning behind putting an album on MySpace that are part of a discussion no one’s even having anymore. But with the idea of making money from record sales gone, touring’s all that’s left, and for a band like Pennywise, that’s no glamorous proposition. We watch Lindberg check into an Econolodge with a suitcase full of antacid and clothes he didn’t have time to toss in the laundry, to at night comb dye into his goatee to hide the gray. The film splashes lyrics across the screen during the lively performance footage, but off stage the interviewees talk of exhaustion with their songs and with the cycle of having to summon enthusiasm each night for each new town. Punk may be best suited to the young and carefree about consequences (“Sometimes you think, ‘Oh shit, should I have tattooed my forehead?’” muses Frederiksen, whose brow reads “SKUNX”), but it’s of course the scenes of these unlikely dads doing typical dad things that’s where the movie sings, from Flea tearing up talking about his daughter to Alexakis singing “The Wheels on the Bus” to his little girl in the car seat behind him to Fat Mike in a zebra-print bath robe spraying toast with — is that I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter!? The idea that these men, many of whom came from rough backgrounds and troubled home lives, find such fulfillment and meaning in being better fathers to their kids than their own fathers were to them is touching, especially given how ill-suited to the role many of them at first considered themselves. The heartfelt sincerity of these scenes almost obscures how little there is to The Other F Word beyond them. It’s lovely to see these attempts at punk parenting, but there’s really not much “punk” to them beyond appearances. Even the kids with the liberty spikes have to grow up eventually, or risk being left the oldest guys at the show, hitting on high school girls, developing liver damage and bragging about never selling out while living in their parents’ basement. That this film acts like it’s unexpected to find such paternal dedication amongst these pierced, guitar-playing dudes seems terribly naive. Why would being in a hardcore band preclude you from being a decent dad? You need only flip through the current roster of reality TV to see that far scarier and less-prepared people become parents every day. Follow Alison Willmore on Twitter. Follow Movieline on Twitter. [Photo:]

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Pixar's John Lasseter Pays Tribute to Jobs at Hollywood Walk of Fame Ceremony

Pixar chief creative officer John Lasseter paid out tribute to late Apple co-founder Jobs whilst getting a star round the Hollywood Walk of Fame on Tuesday.our editor recommendsJohn Lasseter Discloses About Secret Winery for First TimeDisney Announces Two New Pixar ProjectsSteve Jobs' Dying: Pixar Pays Tribute With Webpage Takeover'Cars 2': How Pixar Used Its Ace Within The Hole on CGI Follow-up Aaron Sorkin States Jobs Asked for Him to produce a Pixar Movie Getting teary, Lasseter appreciated the only real request that Jobs -- former Boss of Pixar and Disney board member -- asked for of him wound up being to "ensure it is great," as reported with the La Occasions. PHOTOS: 10 Memorable Key occasions of Jobs' Career "Without Steve, Pixar wouldn't exist," he mentioned from the organization that has created such considerably and commercial effective films as Toy Story, Cars in addition to their sequels. "These films wouldn't exist. I recognition him." Jobs died March. 5 at 56 after fighting pancreatic cancer. After his dying, Pixar paid out tribute to him on its webpage, posting an image of Jobs between Lasseter and leader Erection dysfunction Catmull relaxing consecutively of seats that appears being inside a cinema. Lasseter -- who received the 2,453rd star round the Walk of Fame, situated before Disney's El Capitan theater -- also thanked his family, his co-employees and Catmull within the remarks. PHOTOS: Hollywood's Notable Deaths More youthful crowd states, in 1964, at 7, he traveled along with his family utilizing their home in Whittier, Calif., to find out Mary Poppins inside the theater. He mentioned he never did not remember travelling Hollywood Boulevard, seeing the celebs round the pavement and sightseeing and tour. Lasseter, who attended the ceremony dressed in one of his signature Hawaiian t t shirts, worn within black blazer over jeans, referred to as "the best recognition you are able to produce.Inch Following a revealing in the star itself, the giddy executive proceeded to lie lower on top from this. PHOTOS: Toy Wars: Fight in the Blockbuster Selling Other sound system incorporated Don Rickles, who voiced employment in Toy Story which is sequels, and John Ratzenberger, who's a part of every Pixar movie to date. Available too for your event were other stars who've given their talents to Pixar movies, including Owen Wilson (Cars), Bonnie Search (Cars), Patton Oswalt (Ratatouille), Emily Mortimer (Cars 2) and Cheech Marin (Cars). Related Subjects John Lasseter Jobs Apple Pixar Hollywood Walk of Fame

Neil Patrick Harris Talks Talking about The Silver Screen With Fiance David Burtka

First Launched: November 1, 2011 6:14 PM EDT Credit: Getty Images La, Calif. -- Caption Neil Patrick Harris and husband David Burtka reach Art La Contemporary Opening Evening Reception in Santa Monica, Calif., around the month of the month of january 27, 2011Neil Patrick Harris shares his existence and a pair of children twins Gideon and Harper (both 1) with fiance David Burtka, and in a really Harold & Kumar 3-D Christmas, they share something totally new together, too the silver screen. We dont really act together, we just live together which we certainly exist together, like constantly, but acting it absolutely was strange, because we just exist around the different level, Neil told Access Hollywood of David joining the Harold & Kumar franchise, while he promoted the film in the last weekend. And Neil had only praise for David, who comprises a cameo as themselves (getting a twist). Im happy with him but he discovered perfectly inside the movie, Neil, who once again plays a druggie, womanizer version of themselves inside the third installment inside the buddy comedy, told Access. Hes a fascinating guy, Neil added of David. The newest Harold & Kumar installment is at theaters Friday and Neil sees the franchise has put in his stylish factor. H & K stuff introduced a kind of stylish-ness quotient to how people perceived me, In my opinion he mentioned. It made an appearance like for now, I used to be doing more mainstream kind of all-American guy. Copyright 2011 by NBC Universal, Corporation. All rights reserved. These elements is probably not launched, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.

U.K.'s Chelsea takes 'Blackthorn'

"Blackthorn"MADRID -- Chelsea Films, Curzon Artificial Eye's genre label, has acquired all privileges towards the U.K. and Ireland on Mike Shepard starrer "Blackthorn." Chelsea's Daniel Cooper and 6 Sales' Marina Fuentes closed the offer Monday within the run-as much as the American Film Market, which begins Wednesday in Santa Monica. The film is going to be launched within the U.K. the coming year. A built-in cinema theater and film distribution group, Curzon Artificial Eye mixes high-profile art film and crossover pick-ups -- for example "Melancholia" and "We have to Discuss Kevin"-- with choice buys of lesser-known game titles. Created by Arcadia Motion Photos. and Aiete Films, the Mateo Gil-helmed "Blackthorn" reprises the Butch Cassidy legend, imagining the outlaw, performed by Shepard, to possess made it his supposed dying in Bolivia inside a 1908 shoot-by helping cover their the Bolivian military. World preeming at April's Tribeca festival, "Blackthorn" has emerged among Spain's sales hits of 2011. Magnolia Pictures just launched "Blackthorn" within the U.S., where it received reviews that are positive along with a first 24-day $124,289 on limited release. In France, the film continues to be on the 70-print release after Bac Films place it in an August bow. Ascot Elite has acquired German-speaking areas, and Non Stop required Scandinavia. "We're positive our current discussions with Italia, Japan, Latin America along with other areas is going to be closed throughout the American Film Market," stated Marly Abadin, 6 Sales mind of sales. "Blackthorn" makes its last market appearance at early December's Ventana Sur. Contact the range newsroom at