Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Celebrate Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Day With 'A Very Harold And Kumar' Exclusive!

Neil Patrick Harris, we salute you. Both real you, and also the filthy, apparently immortal version of yourself you portray within the "Harold and Kumar" movies. Couple of other humans may take a shotgun blast towards the back and live to inform the storyplot. I understand of not one other to obtain started from Paradise to make the boy of God seem like a game title-less nobody. Basically, upright: you're awesome, NPH. So today, we are proud to take part in Neil Patrick Harris Appreciation Day, honoring the Blu-ray and DVD discharge of "A Really Harold & Kumar Christmas." We also have a unique clip in the home video release for the viewing pleasure, but an alert: this isn't safe for work at all. Obviously, the alternate world NPH might say not one other way. Spread your Neil-worship on Twitter while using hash-tag #ILOVENPH today! "A Really Harold & Kumar Christmas" can be obtained on Blu-ray and DVD today (Feb 7).

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