Sunday, July 3, 2011

Is "The Voice" bogus?

So all these "regular" people are given an opportunity to sing in
front of the famous judges and they are chosen based solely on vocal
ability. Sounds like an entertaining concept right? But is if fair
that Dia Frampton was already in a signed band (Meg Dia)? I thought
these people were supposed to be undiscovered? In addition, she was
portrayed as having "stage fright", but her band played Warped Tour in
2009? If she's so "shy" and "scared" then how the hell did she preform
in front of all those people on the tour? Maybe I'm just naive in
thinking that the show was actually unearthing hidden talent when it
was more than likely just boosting the judges careers and feeding us a
false rags to riches story.
I can appreciate that these people probably have been pursuing (some
more successfully than others) a career in the music industry for a
while and may have had a few "breaks" here and there. But like Jack
said its "shady" that they didn't mention any of it. They just let us
believe they were regular people.

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