Monday, December 5, 2011

Meet 'The Muppets' Latest Star, Walter!

"Breaking Beginning" continues to be towards the top of this area office, but "The Muppets" is hanging inside having a strong second place showing. With enormously reviews that are positive and robust buzz on its side, the Muppet gang is fortunately in the general public eye, with newer and more effective company as well. We are speaking, obviously, about Walter, the most recent addition to Kermit's squad and also the primary "Muppets" protagonist. While both Kermit and Miss Piggy did their great amount to advertise "The Muppets," Walter is a relatively quieter figure -- so far, that's. Mind to MTV Geek to look at a completely new interview with Walter, and discover the shocking truth below to determine what film writer Nick Stoller needed to say concerning the new kid on the market... who, we may add, is most definitely a guy of the Muppet!

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