Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Sister's Sister: Toronto Review

Following up Humpdaywith another low-rent charmer of a thirtysomething dude searching for his way, Lynn Sheltonmoves from two- to three-character dynamics within your Sister's Sister. Even though it lacks the crazy premise that aided the ultimate film break through, the writerOroverseer's growing status should ensure an eager audience at theaters. Returning from Humpday(and in some manner finding time between their very own burgeoning behind-the-camera career with brother Jay), Mark Duplassplays Jack, who's deeply deeply in love with nearest friend Iris (Emily Blunt) but hasn't had the chance to pursue her since the dying of his brother, Iris's ex-boyfriend, this past year. Seeking some mind-clearing privacy at Iris's father's island getaway in Puget Appear, Jack rather finds Iris's sister Hannah (Rosemarie DeWitt), licking her wounds after ending a seven-year lesbian relationship. The Two stars play fantastically off each other -- DeWitt dryly tolerating undesirable company, Duplass endearingly over-explaining every infelicitous act or comment. One bottle of tequila and several very funny banter later, the two use a sexual encounter so one-about the sides and quick it might guarantee Hannah stays with women afterwards. The inevitable morning-after clumsiness is magnified when Iris appears surprise and Jack without effort knows she mustn't uncover what went lower in their bed mattress. Shelton could easily have continued to be here, mining clumsiness and anxiety for just about any laugh-filled half an hour before giving Jack and Iris a rom-com connection. But she pushes the scenario, adding a whopper from the disloyality that moves the needle from comedy to family-crisis mode, and (thanks only to constantly-engaging performances) proves she's range beyond cringe comedy. The sober, reflective moments like the following are convincing, so when the film's sweetly serious resolution scene plays a tad too easily, we like to the figures a lot of to object. PHOTOS: 13 Films to comprehend within the Toronto Film Festival Though competent within its own realm, the look's HD photography is less lovely laptop or computer might have been, particularly in landscape shots where gorgeous Puget Appear landscapes are stricken by video pixelation. The director's preference in a lower cost pricey video in no time including lots of improvised dialogue is understandable, but trees frequently stick with the script, together with a rather stronger visual palette may have extended this worthy tale's appeal. Venue: Toronto Worldwide Film Festival Production Company: ADA Films LLC. Cast: Emily Blunt, Rosemarie DeWitt, Mark Duplass, Mike Birbiglia. Director-film author: Lynn Shelton. Producer: Steven Schardt. Executive producers: Jennifer Roth, Vallejo Gantner. Director of photography: Benjamin Kasulke. Production designer: John Lavin. Music: Vinny Cruz. Editor: Nat Sanders. Sales: UTA/Submarine Entertainment. No rating, 89 minutes. Toronto Worldwide Film Festival Emily Blunt

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