Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Why isn't MADD issuing a statement about "jackass" star Ryan Dunn's death?

The recent coroner report said he was driving over 100mph when he
crashed, killing himself and a passenger shortly after "tweeting"
pictures of himself drinking and partying. Why are we sad and shocked
about his death? He and his entire monetary worth should be sued for
his wreckless endangerment to the public,
Did anyone notice him on Win it in a Minute or whatever the name of
that ridiculous show is? Look at re-runs of him trying to place 6
dice cubes atop each other. Notice his hands shaking? that's not
nerves! that is alcohol withdrawals!!! Had he drank 2-3 beers or a
couple of shots that task would have been simple for him! Look at his
counterpart on the show - clear faced, calm, and able. Most people
arrested and fined for DUI aren't caught in most cases until after
their 30-50th time behind the wheel. This guy was a menace to
What could have been done to prevent this so called tragedy?

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