Friday, August 12, 2011

Kid Cudi Gives 'Fright Night' The Background Music Video Treatment

"Fright Evening" does not hit theaters for an additional week still, but that does not mean you cannot sink your teeth in to the vampire thriller a bit early. Kid Cudi's "Nobody Thinks Me" music video made its grand premiere today, a relevant video that's directly called to next week's "Fright Evening." Besides Cudi's latest cope with the vampire menace, additionally, it comes thanks to filmmaker Craig Gillespie, who directed both video and also the movie. Take a look at what Cudi needs to say about his latest within the video below: "I type of authored it towards the original 'Fright Night' and that i desired to stay in keeping with the plot and story," Cudi told MTV about "Nobody Thinks Me's" roots. "I was inspired to produce the song for that movie, that is something I have never done before. It had been challenging. I did not want that it is a cheesy, clich kind of record. I needed so that it is something people could play and absorb and revel in without thinking to the 'Fright Night' movie." But searching in the "Nobody Thinks Me" video, you can't really ignore vampire lore as Cudi walks along a dim street, passing cars and sleeping rooms colored red-colored with human bloodstream. Indeed, Cudi themself bears their own fangs at multiple points, and also the "character" he plays absolutely comes with an arc. "The recording holds true towards the format from the film. It appears just like a small movie," stated the rapper. "I portray type of a Charlie like character in the movie, the only real difference is I am a vampire and that i can't stand it an excessive amount of. I am frustrated with being this monster. I did not request to become this monster. I am seeing each one of these murderous things happening around me and I am unfazed and numbed into it.Inch But actually, Cudi can connect with the fanged monsters: "They stay up through the night, and that is meI never fall asleep whatsoever. After I do sleep, it's evening. I am always working." "I am not focusing on killing people," he added having a laugh, "but I am working!" Inform us what you believe within the comments section as well as on Twitter!

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